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Highlights: MarTech Panel 4/30/2020

Highlights: MarTech Panel 4/30/2020
David Masri         Author:
David Masri
Founder & CEO

Last week I had the honor of moderating a forum on MarTech (Marketing Technology) as part of our very first virtual Salesforce Republic meetup - it was a lot of fun and a huge success, we had nearly 50 people join, and we learned a quite few great things from our panel of experts.

I would like to personally thank the panel, so Thank you - Blair Jones, Patrick Downing, Alarra Tozin, M.Ed, MPM, Tigh Loughhead, and Pia C.

All in, it was about an hour and a half long, but Samantha Hildyard was gracious enough to edit it down to a half hour and include just the highlights - you can see it here: (or click below).

Also, we have confirmed our next Salesforce Republic meetup on Friday 15th May, where we'll be joined by a special guest speaker Michael Melnick. Michael will be discussing Getting your Salesforce Instance prepared post-COVID-19. Sign up today.

As always thank you to our good friends at the Third Republic for (virtual) hosting us and all the hard work they put in coordinating, we could not do these events without them!. Thank you Khero Witey and Thomas Roberts!

This article is not adapted from my book: Developing Data Migrations and Integrations with Salesforce.