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Why I Started Gluon Digital

Why I Started Gluon Digital
David Masri         Author:
David Masri
Founder & CEO

A bit of background

From the moment I decided to change my major to computer information systems (away from finance) I knew I wanted to work with data. A big part of it was the data processing course I took. I found a beauty in data theory that was unmatched in my other computer science courses. It may very well be because at the time Baruch College (CUNY) decided to teach Java over C++, which was in its infancy, and the textbook assigned was horrendously full of errors (which could make any new programmer want to cry – there was no Stack overflow to help!). Contrary to the Java textbook, I found the data processing textbook to be brilliantly written. It is in fact the only one of my college text books I still have (and a quick look online shows that it lasted the test of time, it’s up to the 15th edition!).

By the time I joined the Salesforce Ohana (with Redkite in late 2013) I had spent 15 years working with data and various enterprise systems (ERP, e-Commerce, BI, CRM, Data Warehousing etc.). I was running a large Salesforce project, for a very large financial services firm, that included a complex data migration component from a home-grown CRM system. The process being used to do this migration seemed to break every rule and best practice I could think of. But what really caught me by surprise, was that when I questioned the process, I was told “This is how everyone does it, it’s the standard process”. Of course, I didn’t believe that, so I did my own research, low and behold, they were telling the truth, the entire Salesforce community, or at least the ones writing about it online, were following insane data migration processes.

I wrapped up that project, and then spent the next year or so completely changing how we (Redkite) did data migrations (and to a lesser, but still substantial extent, integrations). Two years and two acquisitions later, I was running a small team of data experts within Liquidhub/Capgemini overseeing all of the data work within the Salesforce practice. Not long after, I joined Silverline and was putting together a training program for the data team based on the patterns and best practices I used to train my team at Capgemini, when I realized I had all the content I needed to fill a book, and then some. With the encouragement of my manager, I signed a contract with Apress and in December 2018, my book Developing Data Migrations and Integrations with Salesforce: Patterns and Best Practices was published. A book I felt, and still feel the Salesforce Ohana sorely needs.

I had a mission to fix how the Salesforce Ohana works with, and thinks about data.

Gluon Digital is a direct extension of that mission.

In fact our mission statement is:

To clean up the world's CRM data, by educating the Salesforce Ohana on data best practices, and leading by example to prove those best practices work. Strong data makes Salesforce strong.

Our services are directly related to Our Mission:

We educate the Salesforce Ohana on data best practices, by:
We lead by example to prove those best practices work by:
  • Partnering with our clients to tackle the most complex Salesforce data projects. Helping them devise an overall data strategy, clean up existing data, migrate their data to Salesforce and build integrations.
  • We partner with Salesforce SIs (System Integrators) who are tired of having data issues and failed migrations causing project failures. We can either partner with your delivery organization to train them on properly performing data migrations, or we can act as and outsourced white labeled data migration department, handling all your data migrations, and guaranteeing success.
We are not a Salesforce SI, we don’t compete with Salesforce SIs, we partner with them.

If you are sick of data migrations causing your projects to fail, and negatively impacting your brand, please, reach out.

Why the name “Gluon Digital”, What is a Gluon anyway?

I have always loved physics, so I wanted to name my company after something from the world of physics. Gluons, being strong force carrier particles made it an obvious choice. (though it took me quite some time to realize that). Also, the fun slogans you can come up with are just great.

Gluon Digital: Official carrier of the Strongƒorce

Here is a more technical explanation of gluons, should such things fascinate you, as they do me.