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We partner with Salesforce implementation partners to deliver the highest quality Salesforce data migrations for their clients.

Our Mission

Gluon Digital

Gluon Digital is on a mission to help Salesforce implementation partners be more successful when it comes to migrating data for their clients.

Our ultimate goal is to clean up the world's CRM data, by educating the Salesforce Ohana on data best practices, and leading by example to prove those best practices work.

Strong data makes Salesforce strong.


Our services are directly related to Our Mission.

We clean up the world's CRM data, by educating the Salesforce Ohana on data best practices, specifically:

We lead by example to prove those best practices work by:
  • We partner with Salesforce SIs (System Integrators) who are tired of having data issues and failed migrations causing project failures. We can either partner with your delivery organization to train them on properly performing data migrations, or we can act as and outsourced white labeled data migration department, handling all your data migrations, and guaranteeing success.
  • Partnering with our clients to tackle the most complex Salesforce data projects. Helping them devise an overall data strategy, clean up existing data, migrate their data to Salesforce and build integrations.

We are not a Salesforce SI, we don’t compete with Salesforce SIs, we partner with them.

About Us

Gluon Digital was founded by David Masri in 2020 with the goal of promoting data migration and integration best practices to the Salesforce Ohana. Prior to founding Gluon Digital, Dave has spent years working with data and with Salesforce. He has been involved in dozens of Salesforce data migration and integration projects and has used that experience to run numerous training programs for aspiring integration/migration specialists, and then ultimately authored his book on the subject.

Previously Dave was the Director of Professional Services at Plative, a Salesforce Silver Partner. Before that he was the Technical Director of Data Strategy and Architecture for Capgemini Invent's Salesforce Practice. He has more than 20 years of hands-on experience building integrated ERP, BI, e-commerce, and CRM systems, and for the past seven years has worked exclusively with the Salesforce platform. Dave holds more than ten professional certifications, including nine Salesforce certifications, the PMP (Project Management Professional), and Google’s Data Engineer Certification.

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David Masri


The Salesforce Data Blog Logo

The Salesforce Data Blog

The Salesforce Data Blog is a “Distributed Blog”, It’s a collection of our (mostly Dave’s) writings from around the web. (For more information on why we chose a distributed blog, see this article.)

It’s specifically maintained as part of our mission: “To clean up the world's CRM data, by educating the Salesforce Ohana on data best practices”

Below you will only find articles directly related to Gluon Digital, but we advise you to visit for more technical and in depth content related to Salesforce & Data.

Why I Started Gluon Digital

Why I Started Gluon Digital

From the moment I decided to change my major to computer information systems (away from finance) I knew I wanted to work with data. A big part of it was the data processing course I took. I found a be...


What is a Gluon?

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What is a Gluon

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